Faith Anwen Rhodes – Artist


“This idea – that it s from art that all work ensues – needs to be borne in mind, if we want to reshape and re-form society, because it will also have a bearing on economic questions and issues to do with legal and human rights” – Joseph Beuys. (Harlan, V, ‘What is Art?’, 2004, Clareview Books)


My practice tracks global environmental politics and activism, both historically and in the contemporary world. Research follows international current affairs pertaining specifically to the rise of fascism, the fossil fuel industry – in particular its relationship to climate change, and how this political dichotomy interacts with and informs ecofeminist art.

Earlier work has attempted to revalorize women stemming from research undertaken in my final undergraduate year looking at violence to women in terms of censorship, media controlled misrepresentation of feminist social activism and the ongoing global silencing of feminist attempts to emancipate women from abuse and violence in all forms. Recently the work has moved into looking at these issues from an ecofeminist perspective – linking violence to women with violence to land.

Arguably, Joseph Beuys understood the true interdisciplinary nature of art and its potential for social reform and it is this understanding that drives my work and research presently at this pivotal time when all is at stake in environmental, cultural and political terms.

Socially engaged art may be one of the few ways to pierce the armour of mass hypnosis regarding climate change denial, the urgent need for action and the widening gap between the global elite and everyone else.



Previous research was enriched and informed by an invitation to interview Artist Mary Branson (Artist in Residence to Suffrage) in Parliament last October- more information about how this has influenced the work can be found here:
To see the Launch of New Dawn Artwork  June 2016 and for information about Mary Branson’s commission watch here:

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