Faith Rhodes – Artist & Musician

Rhodes currently lives and practices in Glasgow, having graduated from Plymouth College of Art 2016 in BA Hons Painting Drawing & Printmaking.

Rhodes studies Masters of Letters in Fine Art Painting at Glasgow School of Art with a current group residency/exhibition May 4 – 13th at ART PARK @ House for An Art Lover Bellahouston Park, Glasgow. Rhodes’ art practice consists of printmaking, painting, performance and & is informed by eco-feminist theory, social media research, place and contemporary social issues.


Somewhere Far from the Subject Itself is Glasgow School of Art Master of Letters in Fine Art Painting residency and show 1st – 13th May 2017. Taking place in the Art Shed 1 and the Walled Garden Bothy. Emerging artists lead audiences Somewhere Far from the Subject Itself in times of uncertainty and unrest. Some of the funds raised from this show will go towards our Masters Degree Show in early September at Glasgow School of Art – Tontine building, Glasgow.



“Jim and Kris were going barefoot
Luke said he’s gonna play the drums
Like the The Little Drummer Boy does for Jesus
But louder and longer and stronger
“Have you got your guitar?” I asked Jim
“Maybe” he said humming Mass
Then he whipped out a wah-wah Faith put down her Chihuahua,
Which she was using’ to polish her sax
Dazza was checking the gear like he does
I was reading my notes like a stiff
When Kris said: “Hey guys. Be here now!
And do you fancy ago on this bifta?”

– Excerpt from ‘Mr.President’ The Three Radicals – Lyrics by The Inimitable Shane Roe.

On stage live with The Three Radicals 2010

Faith Rhodes began playing music from the age of four, struggling with the violin she quickly moved to recorders learning to sight-read at an early age. Through her teens she then moved onto keyboards and guitar beginning to grasp harmony and chord structures and starting to write music. A brief spell in her late teens saw her playing trumpet influenced by the tradition of swing jazz. At 21 she picked up a friend of a friends saxophone and finally settled into committing herself to this instrument.

During her twenties, thirties and forties Faith has played Saxophones and Clarinet in many bands at many live gigs including Birmingham Based groups ‘As We Are’, ‘Kyoga’ and Khaliq ( – fusion of Blues and Asian ‘Blusian’ 1993-1996. Before leaving the Midlands, Faith was part of a dedicated busking crew and played alongside Soweto Kinch ( at many unofficial improvised forays. Faith and the lead Trumpet player Colin from that crew were then invited to form a brass section for a Zimbabwean Roots music band called Sangoma who later merged to form a big band known as UK Zimba touring many UK Arts Centre venues. In her late 20’s Faith moved up to Leeds guesting with many blues and jazz bands on the Leeds music circuit and attending Leeds College of Music. Here she developed her vocal skills and sang Soprano and Alto parts with the LCM Jazz choir under the tutelage of the formidable Pete Chrchill ( In 2004 Faith decided to pack in society and live in a forest in Somerset as part of the Tinkers Bubble eco-community. At this time she joined the prolific and politically charged band ‘Seize the Day’ and toured many southwest festivals from 2004-2006 including The Green Gathering, Glastonbury and Buddhafield. Faith recorded clarinet, sax and vocals with this band on their Album ‘The Tide is Turning’ available at:

It was while playing with Seize the Day that Faith met Guitarist/Bassist/Producer/Songwriter extraordinaire Nick Marshall and they went on to develop a duo playing a few local gigs in the Devon area trying out experimental electronica and live clarinet/sax.  The duo joined Rich T on bass and Tim Crowley on drums forming Sun Groove Messengers who performed regularly around the UK South West. Faith sang, wrote and arranged some of her own material with this funk and groove band – an example is the song ‘Believe’ is here: 

Faith then  worked with Totnesia Records and the bands: The Three Radicals and Kris Howe and the Nows between 2008 – 2012,  available here:

For the past 5 years Faith has been concentrating on her career as an artist though she is still available for session work (and really irresistible gigs) on Alto and Soprano saxophones. She is now also learning traditional Folk music on wooden boehm flute, the instrument she first wanted to play as a child.


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