Faith Rhodes Artist

My current paintings re-valourize herstory, the parts of herstory that have been silenced by history.

‘The Silent War’ – the name of my thesis, came from my researching the suffragette and second wave feminist movements – specifically to locate the heroines of these movements in order to re-valourize them and lift their statuses from the depths they had been condemned to by patriarchal censorship and spin.

27729283375_c6847520ee_k‘All Hung Up’ (2016) – Faith Rhodes’ homage to Ana Mendieta and an expression of the ongoing injustices of patriarchal control in the art world. Oil on 8 foot x 5 foot wall, chains and dead roses.
‘Sylvia’ a painting of Sylvia Pankhurst taken from archived newspaper article entitled “Five Weeks of Illegal Torture” in the Daily Herald, 24 March 1914 showing a before and after force feeding photo, the latter of which informed this work rendered in oil paint and encaustic using a hot iron. the hot iron and encaustic paint interrupts the classical patriarchal and exclusive tradition of oil painting, demanding accountability for it’s dismissive objectification of females and simultaneously revealing the results of institutionalised patriarchal torture at it’s worst.
The research was enriched and informed by an invitation to interview Artist Mary Branson (Artist in Residence to Suffrage) in Parliament last October- more information about how this has influenced the work can be found here:
To see the Launch of New Dawn Artwork  June 2016 and for information about Mary Branson’s commission watch here:
Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh (detail) oil and mixed media – work in progress by Faith Rhodes 2016

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